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About Mark Charmer

I work to improve our understanding of the world and each other, through more intense, yet easy, expression, interaction and experience. I like technology, but see it as just part of the picture - it can drive invention and change, but what is important is improving how people live, learn and work. We must focus on the human.

My career to date has been about helping people describe new ideas, technologies and approaches, and challenging systems that are failing to deliver what is possible. I'm good at turning ideas into something tangible, capturing the narrative of the journey and helping people work out what order to do things in. I help to shape, define and grow teams of people that put ideas into practice. I’m especially good at helping complex teams function well - people who have grown up in diverse ways, with different skills, in different cultures. I think it’s great to be an artistic engineer.

I grew up and studied in the UK. I have a Masters degree in Design Studies from Central St Martins College of Art, and a Bachelors in Managerial and Administrative Studies from Aston University. I went to school at Frodsham High, in Cheshire.

Where I am?

I'm a talented English-language writer and editor, that works on project and programme definition, directs teams to run proof of concepts, and conduct interviews and communications coaching. In summer 2018, I relocated to Amsterdam, the Netherlands to establish a design and communications practice here in the city, for the long term.

I have exceptional ability to draw out talent and improve collaboration, across age groups, demographics, international cultures, and the tech and non-tech literate. I can handle complex people with ease.

For an example of my recent work, take a look at the Morning Sofa at the Stockholm Act. This is a convening process to bring art, science, politics and business together around sustainability. The related Stamp60 method is my ongoing R&D project to explore new forms of creative collaboration.

What you can easily buy from me today, If you want to engage immediately:

- Writing / editing

- Interviews and interview coaching

- Portrait photography and photographic storyteller

- Event programming, and video / audio content creation and support

I learned a lot during my time at Akvo, a Dutch-based foundation that creates open source software and services that help bring to life and improve the accountability of international development aid networks. More than $2 billion of aid spend is now being visualised, reported or monitored through Akvo systems, supported by a "tiny multinational" team of just 70 people in 14 countries. I run my own design and consulting firm, the Movement Design Bureau, in the UK.

I was born in 1971 in Liverpool, in Northwest England. After living in London for 25 years, I'm now living and working in Amsterdam.

Please don't be shy about getting in touch below, if you want to talk more.

iMessage / WhatsApp / Phone: +44 7976 960739